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My Employee Is Suing Me. Now What?

My Employee Is Suing Me. Now What

This is a situation that is familiar to almost any SaaS company — an employee lawsuit. Whether real or perceived, sexual harassment, discrimination, wage, overtime, and wrongful termination are all situations that may cause a lawsuit. According to Hiscox, the…

When Does Your SaaS Need Insurance?

When Does Your Saas Need Insurance

Business insurance for SaaS companies helps founders protect their investors, clients, employees, property, and the company from liability and lawsuits as their SaaS expands. What type of insurance do you need, when, and why? The following list covers the most…

SaaS Company Guide To D&O Insurance

Saas Company Guide To D&o Insurance

A D&O claim can cost your SaaS company millions, or even tens of millions of dollars in damages. A recent report by the trade journal Business Insurance indicates that D&O claims are becoming more and more prevalent. When leading a SaaS…