Abe Gibson

Abe Gibson

Insurance Pricing For SaaS Companies

Insurance Pricing

We’ve seen a lot of companies go from their friends-and-family financing round to Series A, B, C, and D funding rounds. As time passes, investors are added, revenue increases and the battle to scale up more and more complexity to…

Why Do SaaS Companies Need Tech E&O and Cyber Insurance?


Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting cloud-based tech companies as their popularity grows. SaaS companies collect and store data from thousands, if not millions, of clients, making them extremely vulnerable to cyber assaults. Traditional business insurance doesn’t cover claims caused by cyber…

Why SaaS Companies Need Cyber Insurance

Why Saas Companies Need Cyber Insurance

Blackbaud, a SaaS company, was attacked by ransomware in May 2020, after which it successfully prevented the cybercriminal from blocking access to its system and fully encrypting files, forcing the intruder to flee. The attacker took a copy of a…