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When Cover Your SaaS partners with service providers, we work with insurance carriers to provide competitive rates for you and your clients.

Your clients should be rewarded for their investments in your solution.

Application Process

As a partner, we work with carriers to streamline the application process for your clients. We know your tech stack and we leverage that knowledge to help carriers understand your clients cybersecurity hygiene.

Our goal is to limit your clients application to business name, revenue, website.

An easy application process for your your clients is an easy application process for you.


As a partner, we round out risk management strategies by ensuring each one of your clients have the right amendatory language on their policies protecting you from subrogation.

We support your mission to create a seamless integration with your clients and best-in-class retention.

Cover Your SaaS is redefining the way insurance programs are distributed in vertical markets. Through developing programs unique to you and your customers, we can deliver high quality transfer or risk through our solutions. We make the application process simple while providing full coverage solutions with blended policies tailored to your business. 

How To Partner?

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