Meet Your SaaS Protection Team

abe gibson

Abram Gibson

Co-Founder, Sales

Designations: RCLS

Ciara Headshot

Ciara Gravier Hagopian

Co-Founder, Head of Insurance

Designations: CIC, CRM, CCIC, PWCA, CPIA

derekheadshot (1)

Derek Burke

Co-Founder, Operations

David Headshot

David Carothers

Co-Founder, Head of Risk Managment

Designations: CIC, CRM

Chris Headshot

Chris Langille

Co-Founder, Marketing

Core Values

1. We Are Second

  • Our clients come first
  • Our families come first
  • Our team comes first

2. We Clean Toilets

  • We do the unsexy work
  • We are not above dirty work
  • We are not corporate

3. We Solve Problems

  • We address problems
  • We offer solutions
  • We obsess over customer needs

4. We Learn In Public

  • We ask questions
  • We maximize clarity
  • We never stop learning

5. We Disagree

  • We have an opinion
  • We pursue truth
  • We mandate debate

Every decision we make is ultimately driven by the values we hold and the culture we create.

If you resonate with our core values, then we may be a good fit as your insurance professional. Either way, we thank you for taking to time to learn more about who we are as an organization.

“Cover Your SaaS educated me on the many pitfalls and potential claims scenarios that could play out in my business, and then built a custom protection plan to protect me. I'd highly recommend them!”




We Can Cover Your SaaS Too

Our goal with each and every client is to first educate them. Many SaaS CEOs, Founders, and Leaders are completely unaware of the exposures that exist with SaaS.

We’re here to make sure that, should the worst happen, your business operations can continue, and still generate revenue, despite potential lawsuits and claims.

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